Local Authority Social Services have a duty of care to help and support families while safeguarding children from any harm, either from within the family home or elsewhere.

When Local Authorities become involved due to concern about a child or children it is usually because of allegations or fear of: neglect, abuse either physical, mental or sexual, emotional harm, or where the child is deemed to be beyond parental control. It is natural to feel anxious and concerned at this time, as many people fear that any involvement will mean the children will be removed from the family home. This is often a frightening time and it is important that you seek legal advice.

There are several types of proceedings open to Local Authorities as listed below.  Our specialist Children Solicitors are experts at guiding you through these legal complexities with a constructive and robust approach.

  • Emergency Protection Order (EPO)
  • Police Protection Order
  • Child Protection Investigation or Section 47 Enquiry
  • Child Protection Conference
  • Child Protection Plan
  • Care Orders
  • Care Proceedings
  • Placement Orders
  • Interim Care Orders

It is important to note, that parents of children who are the subject of care proceedings, as well as the child or children are automatically entitled to public funding or what used to be called Legal Aid. JKC is a certified to deal with publicly funded cases. We can also advise if any other parties involved such as  relatives may be eligible for Legal Aid subject to means and merits tests.

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