Disputes involving arrangements for children are often difficult and emotional. We recognise that every parent wants the best for their child / children but the difficulty can be reaching agreement on what that is.  As such, our aim is to always put the welfare of the children at the forefront of any dispute resolution. 

Arrangements for your children can include how often you or the other parent see the children or, with whom and where your children should be residing. Sometimes there are very specific issues in relation to schooling, medical issues, religious concerns or the surnames of children.

In these situations, we can represent parents, grandparents, legal guardians, other family members and even other people directly involved with the children. Furthermore, we have expertise in child arrangements with an international element, for example, when one parent wants to move the children abroad.

We are here to help and guide you through the complex process which must include at least one party attending a mediation session, known as a MIAMS.

While the Court should always be the last resort when agreeing the welfare of children, should it come to this there are several options available which we can guide you through.

1) Child Arrangements Order

2) Prohibited Steps Order

3) Specific Issue Order

Finally, but most importantly, if you fear that there is a very real risk that your partner or spouse may abduct your child, we can help you to take the urgent and necessary steps to prevent this. Or, if the abduction has already taken place, we can issue an urgent application at court for your child to be returned. In these cases, prompt action is key.

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