Abuse in a relationship is never acceptable and can take many forms including: physical, psychology, emotional or financial. Unfortunately, often the only solution is to seek help from the law. This may take the form of Police intervention or an Injunction. If it is an emergency always call the Police.

If you suffer from domestic abuse you are not alone! Every minute in the UK the Police receive a call for assistance because of domestic abuse. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, because the majority of incidents go unreported happening behind ‘closed’ doors.  Above all domestic abuse is cunning, often repetitive and destroys lives and families.

JKC are specialists in helping you obtain the full protection of the law, as well as advising  and directing you to local support services. Support in these situations is key and we work in conjunction with the local and national charities providing support to help you and any children involved come to terms with your experiences.

We are committed to dealing quickly with emergency situations and have been able to bring such cases to Court immediately if required. If you need emergency legal advice, please call our 24 hour Emergency helpline on: 0203 9355 999.

The most common forms of protection are:

  • Injunctions Orders – Depending on your situation this could include ordering someone not to come within a certain distance of you / your family or ordering them not to harass, intimidate or abuse you/your children and your family.
  • Occupation Order – This determines and regulates occupation of the family home.
  • Prohibited Steps – This stops the removal of a child/ children from one party’s care and control.

For more information or to discuss any concerns you may have, please call 01923 234 400

Alternatively, if you need emergency legal assistance, please call our 24 hour Emergency Helpline on 0203 9355 999