Civil Partnerships

Couples who register have legal status as ‘registered civil partners’ and acquire rights and responsibilities in the same way as married couples.

A Civil Partnership, like a marriage, can only be dissolved by making the necessary application for dissolution to the Court.

At such an emotional difficult time, it is important to have the right advisors. Our skilled team will guide you through all considerations including financial issues such as property, pension sharing and maintenance.

Our bespoke approach means we can also provide support and guidance should there be any concerns or disputes over children welfare.

To dissolve a civil partnership you must prove one of the following facts as in Divorce:

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Desertion
  • 2 years separation with consent
  • 5 Years Separation
  • Adultery, unfortunately, only applies to heterosexual couples and therefore cannot be used as a fact in dissolving a Civil Partnership.

At JKC, we are happy to discuss the implications of a civil partnership with those contemplating such a step, or those emerging from a fractured relationship.

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