At JKC Lawyers LLP we like to provide transparent and realistic cost estimates. We provide an estimate at the start of any privately funded matter. The costs of Court action can be difficult to estimate; however, we aim to provide you with a realistic costs estimate. 

We also have a Legal Aid Franchise for matrimonial work. Where appropriate, our team have the authority to grant emergency legal aid. In these circumstances, we do not have to make prior referral to the Legal Aid Agency, enabling us to take action much more quickly.

Please find below a table containing a rough estimate of costs for matters where we are able to foresee the approximate work that is likely to be involved in a matter. For matters where no estimate can be provided without obtaining further details of your matter, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate after briefly discussing your matter with you. 

Nature of Matter

Estimate of Costs (Excluding VAT)

Divorce (undefended):

Acting for Petitioner

Acting for Responded

Finances & Children

£800 to £1,000 plus £550 Court Fee

£500 to £600 

Based upon an hourly fee. Please contact us for a quote 

Non-Molestation Orders (for Application, Ex-Parte Hearing, and a Return Date Hearing) 

£1500 (plus Disbursements) or Legal Aid if you qualify

Care Proceedings

Based upon an hourly fee. Please contact us for a quote

(Or Legal Aid if you qualify)


£250 for a Single (simple) Will

£400 for (simple) Mirror Wills 

Probate & Administration of Estates

Please contact us for a quote

Debt Recovery

Please contact us for a quote

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Please contact us for a quote


Please contact us for a quote

Fixed Fee Advice  (½ hour) 

£75 for matrimonial

£100 for other matters