The loss of a loved one is stressful in itself, let alone having to deal with the gathering-in of the deceased Estate. We are here to minimise your stress, by assisting you in administering and winding up the Estate.

Probate is the process of administering a deceased person’s Estate, whether or not there is a valid Will. We can provide help and support for both Executors and potential Administrators in relation to:

  • obtaining a Grant of Probate
  • obtaining Letters of Administration
  • identifying the Deceased’s Estate
  • arranging for specialist advise on complex tax and trust issues

Most other firms adopt the approach of charging a percentage cost of the total value of the Estate on top of an hourly fee. We however, will only charge for the time we spend on your matter.

Whether you are an Executor or an Administrator of an Estate, call us on 01923 234 400 to see how we can assist